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Energy is Renewable!!!!

Did you know there are different types of energy?  Coal and gas are types of energy called “fossil fuels”.  This means they were made a long time ago when the dinosaurs roamed the earth.  The bad thing about using this type of energy is that when they are gone…they are gone and we can never get them back.

This is where renewable energy comes in.  This type of energy comes from sources like wind, water, and sun.  The best part about using renewable energies is that they do not pollute our environment.  The challenge we face when we use renewable energy is that we can’t store it to use later.  Can you figure out what happens then when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing?

We bet you have seen some of this type of energy in action.  Have you ever seen one of these wind turbines?  600 of these turbines create enough electricity to provide power to 140,000 houses.